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   Conscious perspective on… war

Wars are so closely linked with human history that they seem to belong to the very nature of mankind. But do they really? What mechanisms drive a given group to go to war? And for what unconscious motivations?

The Secret History of Alice Miller
An indefatigable advocate for children, Alice Miller passed away eleven years ago, leaving a legacy that raised awareness on issues such as childrearing violence, childhood traumas, and the roots of authoritarianism.  But until her very end, she hid a dark secret that her son Martin eventually discovered.
Reminiscence of WWII Sets the Pace in the Ukraine Crisis
The intergenerational transmission of unresolved family grief can be a root cause of tragic reenactments in public affairs. I discuss this in relation to the Ukraine crisis and suggest that a better understanding of such mechanism would bring to a peaceful conclusion.

Poisonous Pedagogy: The Contentious Drift of Psychology
Involvement of psychologists in the Bush administration’s War on Terror has raised legitimate concern. And yet, behavioral scientists have long been praised for their engagement in dubious experiments aimed at conditioning the human brain. This willingness to control originates in early experiences of maternal disruption forced upon children and routinely manipulated by caretakers. The leading role played by behaviorism in the wake of the 9/11 trauma must alert on the dire consequences of such Poisonous Pedagogy.

La infancia del terrorismo
Frente a la insensatez de los actos terroristas, a muchos les desconcierta que unos seres humanos puedan cometer crímenes tan horrendos. Pero pocos se preguntan cómo han llegado hasta ahí, cómo y hasta qué punto pudieron perder la dignidad humana, el respeto por su vida y, por ende, la de los demás.

Terrorism and mutilation : world in the grip of terror
Could the 11th September 2001 tragedy be an extreme manifestation of the violences inflicted around the world to the children's genital integrity ?